Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fun Science Experiment For Kids - How To Make Giant Bubbles!

Fun Science experiments are not only liked by children but adults as well. Personally, I have tried many Science experiments when I was a kid and later on with my own family members. Making giant bubbles is an absolute favorite of mine and you can do this experiment too in a matter of minutes.
Things You Will Need
In order to make giant bubbles, you need to get your hands on the following items -
  1. Washing liquid.
  2. Glycerine or corn syrup.
  3. Jug
  4. Water.
  5. A large bucket.
  6. A spoon.
  7. A wire coat hanger.
  8. A ball of string.
  9. An electrical tape.
How To Make Your Own Giant Bubbles
  1. Fill the large bucket with water.
  2. Mix the washing liquid and glycerine/corn syrup in the jug. In order to make the best bubbles, try using one part of washing liquid and a quarter part of glycerine/corn syrup to every 15 parts of water. This solution can be really sticky!
  3. Pour this mixture into the large bucket.
  4. Shape the wire coat hanger in the form of a tennis racquet i.e, an arm handle with a large circle on top.
  5. The arm of the wand and the circle should be tightly wound with the string.
  6. You can fasten the string onto its place by using the electrical tape.
  7. Insert your wand into the large bucket filled with pre-made mixture of solutions.
  8. Swirl your wand in the air and see what happens!
Due to surface tension the water molecules are held together. The presence of washing liquid tends to weaken the surface tension and this is why giant bubbles are formed.
Science projects can be a lot of fun to do especially when you are idle. Not only are some of the experiments absolutely entertaining, but each of them have something to teach you. It is always recommended that an adult be always present for guidance whenever a tough Science experiment is being performed. Like for example, making an electric motor requires the usage of wires and bulbs. Additionally the experiment also involves cutting off pieces of wire in order to create the equipment. This is to be done under the strict surveillance of an adult!
By encouraging your child to do Science experiments, you are only helping them to understand Science concepts in a more clear and precise manner. You can find numerous experiments on the Web which you can perform in the comfort of your own home without the need of purchasing any expensive materials. You will be surprised to see how many high quality education materials are available online -- all for free! Take your time out in noting all these experiments down and then encourage your child to try them out at home.
Kalpana Nair is into Science big time! She has written many Science articles and has published various pages on Science experiments online which have benefitted many students worldwide. One of her best Science pages include - Making Fun Science Models.

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