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Roper Mountain Science Center

Roper Mountain Science Center provides science education programs for area school students, as well as programs for the general public. The center, which opened in 1985, is located on 62 hilltop acres just east of Greenville. The facility is operated by the School District of Greenville County and is a collaboration between public and private resources. Roper Mountain Science Center provides fun educational opportunities for more than 120,000 students each year from Greenville County and other districts.
Roper Mountain is different from most science centers. It is part school, part museum. The facilities include science classrooms and labs, a planetarium, an observatory, an amphitheater, a nature trail, and the Living History Farm. Programs are offered in astronomy, weather, health, physical science, and natural and earth science. The grounds include a 1½ mile nature trail, a butterfly garden, and an arboretum. There are vegetable and kitchen gardens at the Living History Farm. The water lily pond is an excellent place to observe turtles, fish, and ducks. The grounds are especially beautiful in the spring and fall.
Every Friday evening Roper Mountain Science Center offers special programs for the general public. Friday "Starry Nights" programs include planetarium shows in the Hooper Planetarium, the largest in South Carolina. Guests may observe stars and planets through the telescope in the observatory. Special activities are also scheduled for the 2nd Saturday of each month. The nature trail, butterfly garden, and arboretum are open to the public any time the main gates are open, Monday-Friday from 8:30am -5pm. A picnic area is available to the public, unless it has been reserved by a school group.
More than 80,000 visitors come to Roper Mountain Science Center during the holiday season to enjoy the annual Roper Mountain Holiday Lights. The spectacular light display contains nearly 1 million lights and may be viewed from your own vehicle or from a horse-drawn carriage. The Winter Wonderland is the place to visit with Santa, roast marshmallows, and do some holiday shopping. The light displays are illuminated each night from 6-10pm from Thanksgiving through December 30. Proceeds from the light show raise money for children's charities and educational programs in the Upstate.
Although school programs are the main focus of the science center, they do welcome the public to visit during the special Friday and Saturday events, or just enjoy the extensive grounds. The center strives to encourage people of all ages to explore and investigate the world of science.
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Library Science Online Career Instruction

Almost everyone at some point has stepped into a library, whether for school or pleasure. Libraries can be overwhelming and individuals who need to find specific information on any given topic need to be able to ask someone. The men and women who offer this help do so with a specialized knowledge gained from library science online career instruction. Many online colleges and universities offer degree distinctions for individuals interested in library science.
Library science has the professional functioning as a catalog of information. The library technician job description is to sort through numerous amounts of information, focus searches, and verify information and sources. The modern profession of the field is to accurately and properly be able to develop a fast method for storing large amounts of information. Many library technicians have access to their own personalized database that they maintain and help users acquire good searching skills to quickly find information needed. Librarians also have the job of staying current on trends that involve publishing, computers, and the media. This aspect of their job allows them to know what library materials their school or organization needs.
Prospective students need to think about which area of work they want to go into before enrolling in a specific program. This first step is an important question because librarians are placed into categories depending what area of the industry they work in. Students have the option of working in: 
  • public libraries
  • school libraries
  • college libraries
  • universities
  • or special libraries like a government library
This first initial decision plays a role in what schooling will be required for an individual.
Students can earn career instruction in the field from an associate's degree to a master's. A PhD can also be obtained. Schooling at this level will prepare students for specific areas of work upon completion. Typically, instruction at an associate's degree level or a bachelor's degree level will lead to the ability to obtain a career as a library technician. Online study programs in this respect are highly beneficial because students will be able to step into the industry faster. This ability will help an individual decide whether or not further study in the field is something that will be useful for their career goals. At this level of work individuals will help oversee library staff and prepare the library for users in a number of ways.
Individuals who want to pursue a career as a librarian usually are qualified with a bachelor's degree in liberal arts and then gain more education at the graduate level. To become a librarian students obtain a master's degree in library science. This education level will prepare individuals to enter public, academic, and special libraries. To work with the federal government inside their libraries an individual is required to have a master's degree. Courses at this level of instruction will cover foundational knowledge of information science and libraries. Other courses will center on topics that include the history of books, printing, intellectual freedom, censorship, and more.
Don't let your passion for books and information go to waste. Start your education in library science today. Search out online library science schools and colleges that are accredited by an agency like the American Library Association ( ) and offer a degree program that fits your career goals and schedule.
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Fun Science Experiment For Kids - How To Make Giant Bubbles!

Fun Science experiments are not only liked by children but adults as well. Personally, I have tried many Science experiments when I was a kid and later on with my own family members. Making giant bubbles is an absolute favorite of mine and you can do this experiment too in a matter of minutes.
Things You Will Need
In order to make giant bubbles, you need to get your hands on the following items -
  1. Washing liquid.
  2. Glycerine or corn syrup.
  3. Jug
  4. Water.
  5. A large bucket.
  6. A spoon.
  7. A wire coat hanger.
  8. A ball of string.
  9. An electrical tape.
How To Make Your Own Giant Bubbles
  1. Fill the large bucket with water.
  2. Mix the washing liquid and glycerine/corn syrup in the jug. In order to make the best bubbles, try using one part of washing liquid and a quarter part of glycerine/corn syrup to every 15 parts of water. This solution can be really sticky!
  3. Pour this mixture into the large bucket.
  4. Shape the wire coat hanger in the form of a tennis racquet i.e, an arm handle with a large circle on top.
  5. The arm of the wand and the circle should be tightly wound with the string.
  6. You can fasten the string onto its place by using the electrical tape.
  7. Insert your wand into the large bucket filled with pre-made mixture of solutions.
  8. Swirl your wand in the air and see what happens!
Due to surface tension the water molecules are held together. The presence of washing liquid tends to weaken the surface tension and this is why giant bubbles are formed.
Science projects can be a lot of fun to do especially when you are idle. Not only are some of the experiments absolutely entertaining, but each of them have something to teach you. It is always recommended that an adult be always present for guidance whenever a tough Science experiment is being performed. Like for example, making an electric motor requires the usage of wires and bulbs. Additionally the experiment also involves cutting off pieces of wire in order to create the equipment. This is to be done under the strict surveillance of an adult!
By encouraging your child to do Science experiments, you are only helping them to understand Science concepts in a more clear and precise manner. You can find numerous experiments on the Web which you can perform in the comfort of your own home without the need of purchasing any expensive materials. You will be surprised to see how many high quality education materials are available online -- all for free! Take your time out in noting all these experiments down and then encourage your child to try them out at home.
Kalpana Nair is into Science big time! She has written many Science articles and has published various pages on Science experiments online which have benefitted many students worldwide. One of her best Science pages include - Making Fun Science Models.

How to Make Science More Interesting Through Tutoring

Science ranks right up there in popularity alongside math, and that's not high on the scale, either. Not only can the concepts of science be very complicated, but the reasoning behind these concepts can be difficult to understand. Students often find out that unless they pay close attention in class, they are often lost very quickly. Science isn't a subject that can be learned overnight, as many students can tell you. Just like math, learning science requires time and concentration if you are going to achieve passing grades. Science tutoring is often needed by someone who is an expert and has the ability to explain the subject in terms that can be understood.
If you have a genuine interest in this subject, are enthusiastic about teaching others, and can effectively get your ideas across, you might be a great candidate for science tutoring. You do have to be able to explain to the student in terms that can be clearly understood, however. The vocabulary pertaining to this subject is complicated depending on the particular branch of study, and until a student has a full comprehension of these terms he or she is going to be very confused. You may have to go over and over these facts and equations many times before your student can fully grasp the meanings. Until this happens, science will continue to give the student a hard time.
Be patient. It takes considerable time to delve into the mysteries of this subject. Since science involves several different branches of study, each one must be thoroughly covered and understood before moving on to the next. Begin with the basics before attempting to teach something more complicated. Make sure study lessons and homework assignments prove that the student fully comprehends everything you have been teaching. Encourage them to ask questions before moving on. If there are terms that are not understood, always make sure you explain fully what each one means, until the student has committed the meaning to memory.
Have each student keep notes during the sessions so that you can see for yourself that he or she actually understands the lesson. Using these same notes, you will be able to ask questions at each session, using the notes as a way to determine if the student actually understands what is written. You can then proceed to identify any problem areas and work on those. Encourage students to take meticulous notes during school classes and to make notations concerning anything they might not understand so you can go over these areas during your tutoring sessions.
One of the best ways to identify key issues and problems is to do a thorough review of what the student has learned so far when you have your first session. This is going to give you a pretty good idea of what areas you are going to need to focus on when you begin to tutor. Some students may have a good, general knowledge of science and may only need help on some of the more complicated issues. Others may have absolutely no clue what is going on and do not understand even the basic of the subject. This is where you, as the tutor, are going to earn every penny you charge. If you are good at what you do, you should have no trouble explaining to your student in a way that they can comprehend, and you will be well on your way to helping him or her improve their grades. Once they learn that science isn't any more complicated than any other subject, and passing marks are possible, a genuine interest for this subject may actually be generated. If so, you have successfully done your job.
Make sure you keep progress notes and discuss them with the parents of your student. There are times when you might want to also speak with the classroom teacher to see how the student is performing in class, and how homework assignments are coming along. Keep an encouraging attitude, always talk about any problems as soon as they occur, and let your student know that science is not insurmountable, and can also be a lot of fun to learn!
For more information on science tutoring or to find a tutor in Austin, Tx contact College Nannies and Tutors.

An Exciting New Solar Energy Technology

The solar industry is still in its infancy. New ideas, inventions, and innovation are the rule rather than the exception. With that being said, an exciting new solar energy technology has recently been introduced. The new technology is not about a new mousetrap, but rather, an innovative process to produce those mousetraps cheaper and more efficiently. In this article, we will explore the company and people responsible for the new idea. We will also discuss the technique and the overall impact to the solar and renewable energy sector.
The company is 1366 Technologies- This small start-up was founded in 2008 and is located in Lexington, Massachusetts. The co-founders are Emmanuel Sachs and Frank van Mierlo. Emmanuel Sachs is a former MIT professor and has a long history of innovative ideas. He is the inventor of the string ribbon photovoltaic process which was commercialized by Evergreen Solar. Sachs is also credited as being a co-inventor of the 3-D printing process that can create objects from a computer model. Emmanuel Sachs is currently the Chief Technology Officer and Frank van Mierlo is the present CEO. Former Department of Energy Secretary Stephen Chu claims that 1366 Technologies is one of the success stories of the Federal renewable energy program known as ARPA-E. Next, we are going to explore the technology that the company has developed.
1366 Technologies recently opened a 25 megawatt demonstration plant in Bedford, Mass. to manufacture photovoltaic cells. The company claims to have a better process for the manufacturing of PV cells. The current industry standard is to cut the wafers from a large block of silicone material. This results in the wastage of 50 percent of the material. 1366 Technologies intends to cast the multicrystalline wafers with an automated process. The industry standard of about 17 percent efficiency will remain the same, but the new process will result in a 50 to 65 percent manufacturing cost-savings. This will enable them to cut costs by an innovative manufacturing process rather than an increase in energy effiencies. Now we will examine their funding sources and partnerships.
The company has plans to scale-up their 25 megawatt plant to a 1 gigawatt facility. So far, the company has raised 46 million in funding from various venture capital groups. These include North Bridge Venture Partners, Polaris Venture Partners, and others. Funding partners also include NRG Energy and Hanhwa Solar. They have also secured a Department of Energy loan for 100 million. The estimated cost of the 1 gigawatt plant is 200 million. The company appears to have arranged suitable financial support for their endeavor. In our conclusion, we will discuss the possible impact to the solar industry from this new process.
1366 Technologies is not a financial success yet. They will need to solve any problems related to their new manufacturing processes. They will also need to prove they can actually deliver a lower-cost and equally efficient product. Competition is fierce in the solar sector and there is currently excess manufacturing capacity. This has depressed prices for PV cells and will make it more difficult for 1366 Technologies to deliver on their promise. However, the solar energy technology is exciting, and a new and innovative idea.
Learn more about the new discoveries that are happening daily in the solar industry. Discover more about new solar energy technology [] at my Sustainable Energy Advantage website. You can learn about other renewable energy [] sources too. Click the links above to check out the course of sustainable energy.

The Effects of Technology In Customer Support

ustomers are the blood to businesses. It is fact that trades solely rely on their customers for survival. Therefore, it is essential for businesses not only value their customers but also culminate a relationship with them to ensure loyalty. This is the only way businesses can be assured of repeating a trade. Businesses can only achieve this by offering the highest quality of customer service. Technology has changed the way businesses interact with their customers. There are a number of technological tools that enhance customer service. Businesses are using technology because it improves efficiency. This is also a very cost-effective method in dealing with customer service issues like complaints, enquiries, and online orders. Through technology, businesses have been brought closer to their customers.
Some of the technological tools businesses may use to enhance customer service are:
Social Media Networks: These create a virtual community between the business and their customers. Questions, enquires and complaints can be sorted very fast using this platform.
Websites: Before social media networks, this was the initial contact of businesses and their customers. Today, it is used as a marketing tool.
E-mail: Emails are the traditional way businesses use to communicate with their clients. This is used either to inform customers of a new product/an improved product; use it as a channel for marketing campaigns; or any changes within the organization. This is the best tool for culminating loyalty.
Every business realizes that you cannot think of customer and not think about marketing. One relies heavily on the other. Businesses, therefore, use technology to enhance marketing strategies as well. They do this by:
Using marketing strategies formed in line with customer insights. These can only be achieved through use of databases and analytical tools.
Automation of majority of services offered by businesses leads to increased efficiency and effectiveness. Businesses have automated most services that touch on customers. Enquiries and questions are being handled more efficiently through software like ZenDesk. Purchasing and online trading has been automated through ecommerce. Websites have been used to automate the initial contact between the business and their customers. Customers can access more information on the business in question through their website.
Technology can be used to either make or break a business. Social media networks are the most dangerous if not used properly. One mistake can lead to a fall of giant businesses. Social network media are platforms for sharing information among the online community. Businesses use social media to build brands and also interact with their customers. Customer support trend is inclined towards community based technological tools like social media networks.
Businesses should aim to create good relations with their customers, regardless of the avenue used. An unsatisfied customer is worse than a wild fire. Most of the technology aimed at enhancing customer service can be used concurrently as marketing tools. Businesses use technology to gain advantage over others. Businesses use different technological tools for different purposes. Thus, what works for one business may not work for another. When dealing with customers, businesses should combine all technological tools available to enhance customer experience.

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George Will: Blinded by Science of Climate Change

Probably no one has popularized climate science denial as much as George Will. In his article, "Blinded by Science of Climate Change", he shows that he is the one who appears blind to science.
When we were kids, we used to spin 'round and 'round until, when we stopped, the horizon would appear to keep spinning. That is how I felt after I read George Will's article "Blinded by science on climate change". He thinks scientists are bad guys, selling cars is more important than clean air, polluters are good guys, and global warming is a religion. The Washington Post once had an ombudsman to handle complaints from scientists about George Will's cherry-picking, misconstruance of data, spinning of facts, and ignorance of science. The opinion of most scientists is that George Will is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts.
Mr. Will does not get quotes right, either. He claims that Phil Jones, in his BBC interview, admits there has been no statistically significant global warming in the last 15 years. However, what Jones said was "I also calculated the trend for the period 1995 to 2009. This trend (0.12C per decade) is positive, but not significant at the 95% significance level." Jones also presented data to show that from 1975-2009 ( the last 15 years) the Earth warmed by a statistically significant +0.16 0C per decade and said "most of the warming since the 1950s is due to human activity. " Mr. Will apparently misquoted Jones in an attempt to back up one of his mistaken and much criticized claims. He keeps saying that there has been no global warming since 1998 even though a number of scientists, the author included, have written him to tell him he is misconstruing the data.
Mr. Will started his good guys are bad guys diatribe by criticizing Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the International Panel on Climate Change, for denouncing those who deny the effects of climate change on the planet. Dr. Pachauri earns very substantial consulting fees by advising governments on environmental issues but he takes only a $49,000 salary and donates the rest to those less fortunate. Does he sound like a bad guy? For his work, Dr. Pachauri shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, a great honor- except to George Will who, by comparison, has been nominated for an Environmental Hall of Shame award. Mr. Will also criticizes California's Arnold Schwarzenegger for participating in the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) and "trying to fix the planet on his own". The WCI is made up of seven Western states and four Canadian provinces and their goal is to curb greenhouse gas emissions by 2012.
Not to be inconsistent, Mr. Will then praises Arizona's Governor Jan Brewer for suspending participation in the WCI agreement because "she is afraid that strict emission rules may raise the cost of new cars". It apparently is more important to sell cars than it is to have clean air and water. He also thinks it's great that the Utah State Legislature, who wishes to exempt Utah from Federal emission standards, is considering a similar action. Mr. Will also praises BP America, Conoco/Phillips, and Caterpillar for withdrawing from the U.S. Climate Action Partnership, a coalition of companies and environmental groups. Mr. Will claims they withdrew because the cap-and-trade legislation is stalled and they are no longer worried about restrictions. Oops, wrong again. Those companies helped draw up the blueprint for Congresses' cap-and-trade legislation and they still support the original cap-and-trade legislation. They withdrew because they felt the amendments added to the bill would unfairly penalize the petroleum industry. Perhaps they object to the huge financial incentives added to the bill for the coal industry to develop the oxymoronic "clean coal".
Mr. Will also ignores qualifiers. In the BBC interview, Phil Jones said that the Medieval Warm Period (circa 800 to 1300 A.D.) "may" have been warmer than today. Mr. Will apparently ignored the word "may" in Jones' response as Mr. Will went on that the MWP "complicates the task of indicting contemporary civilization for today's supposedly unprecedented temperatures". Jones said "may" as there is anecdotal evidence of a MWP in Europe but there is little evidence in the proxy data that it was worldwide. It is recorded that the Nile froze over in 1010 A.D., right in the middle of the MWP. Mr. Will wants to save the MWP as he thinks he has a potent argument, but even if the MWP existed, his argument is mostly irrelevant to the documented environmental changes that have occurred in the last century.